"Highly recommend Sara Picken-Brown as both a coach and mentor. Whatever your goals are, Sara will get you there. I have had amazing adventures both physically and mentally training with this awesome coach; from stepping on stage both in Australia and the USA for figure competitions, to going to Sealfit. She taught to go after my dreams,  to stay focused to reach my goals, to dream big and don't let anyone stand in the way of your dreams and goals. Butt kicking, no bull shit coach who is committed to make sure you reach your goals."  -Rosemary Black 

"My husband and I have been doing the BCP(Banish Cellulite Program)  sessions for about a year now and Sara has really helped to motivate us with our goals, particularly in relation to strength, nutrition and  her BIG FOCUS, consistency."- Diana

"Sara really knows her stuff. I never know what I'm in for when I turn up for training, every training session is different! The training I have done with SPBFitness is so unique. I've 20 years of martial arts training and 5 years in AFL Masters but with Sara's training method she has changed my fitness and body strength in a way I have not experienced before. I retired from AFL Masters last year due to injury. With Sara's training I was able to play again this year and just in general I feel so much stronger for everyday life. If you are considering training with Sara just do it you won't look back."- Danny


Hi There & Welcome

I am Sara Picken-Brown, Creator of the SPBFitness Method 12 week Body Wellness Program. I work with women between the ages of 30-65 years from all over the world,  who have experienced weight gain, hormonal imbalances, chronic injury and anxiety, to bring their physical and mental health back into alignment, so they truly thrive in life rather than just survive each day. Now YOU can  achieve peak physical & mental health & wellness by starting your Comprehensive Self-Mastery Program. In just 12 short weeks transform your body and approach to life.  The secret to your success is in learning the blue-print to maintaining your 'vital self' long after your 12 weeks have finished.

I am excited to work with you so you can achieve your most healthy, vital and above all, joyful self. Which only comes from living well and living mindfully.

xx Sara